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Welcoming, original and innovative

A meeting place open to the whole city

An extraordinary space

At the base of the skyscraper, the suspended auditorium

By means of two escalators, the hall on the ground floor, which gives access to the Giardino Grosa garden, leads to the suspended Auditorium: a place of culture and experience, conceived to host events and happenings which animate the city life.

The spirit characterizing the proposals of the Auditorium confirms this space as the flagship of an ever changing urban area. This year’s events include the preview of Turin Jazz Festival and a cycle of lectures dedicated to Natalia Ginzburg in the centenary of her birth.

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Innovation and tradition

The Auditorium room, in all its versions

With its 364 seats, the Auditorium can become a venue for different types of events. The originality of this space consists in its variable internal layout. In fact, according to the needs of the event hosted, the geometric configuration of the seating can change, thus turning a place for conferences and concerts into a plain space without seating, perfect for exhibitions and events.

This transformation is made possible by motorized platforms. The scenic area measures 60 square meters when it’s set as a theatre. The structure is provided with a system which controls the acoustic efficiency obtained by changing the features of the wall covering, made by moving panels.

The room is provided with a control room, interpretation booths, audio and video managing systems with moving screens. The ceiling is equipped with wide flange beams for improving the lighting system.

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Thanks to its versatile structure and with its 364 seats, the Auditorium is the perfect setting for any type of happening. A space open to the city which turns into conference room, concert room and exhibition area.

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