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Intesa Sanpaolo Highline S.r.l. Sede legale: corso Inghilterra 3, 10138 Torino - Capitale sociale interamente versato 500.000,00 euro. Iscrizione Registro delle Imprese di Torino e C.F. 11412220011, Società partecipante al Gruppo IVA “Intesa Sanpaolo” Partita IVA 11991500015 (IT11991500015 ) Numero R.E.A. 1211290, Società unipersonale, soggetta all’attività di Direzione e Coordinamento di Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.


Welcome to the skyscraper

Renzo Piano
Building Workshop

New perspectives of the contemporary

Cities can be fertilized by constructions which offer themselves as instruments for what Latins called ‘civitas’, mainly thanks to cultural exchanges taking place in meeting places, where values are shared and differences disappear.

The skyscraper breathes and intends to use very little energy, since today the most important element of inspiration for architects is the frailty of the earth.

It’s a sign of dynamism, a way of looking at tomorrow without being terrified. Besides, future is the only place where we can go.


A pioneering concept inhabits the urban space

In 2006 Renzo Piano’s project won a contest which saw the participation of Architecture Firms with an international reputation. The project fully met the following consultation criteria: architectural innovation, environmental sustainability and integration between work environments and public places.

The skyscraper is a structure capable of combining both beauty and modernity, attention to the environment and sociality. It’s an example of vertical construction as well as a versatile location for activities.

7.000 m2


166,26 m


2.350 t

Airy foundation in steel named “transfer”


Floors above ground



100 m2

Hall on the ground floor

and genius

Innovation flies in the sky of Turin

The realization of the skyscraper was assigned to private Italian companies amongst the most qualified of their sector at an international level. During five years, more than 30 specialized studies, both Italian and international, worked together to design and build the skyscraper.

The construction site also represented an important and high-level laboratory for 35 young engineering and architecture graduates who attended two editions of a Master on high-rise buildings, developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin and the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

The skyscraper is a unique building thanks to its architectonic innovation, the materials used and cutting edge technology: geothermal power, self-regulation of inner lighting thanks to natural light, double-skin façades with operable louvers in glass.

The main body of the tower is supported by an airy foundation named “transfer”, which transfers to the base slab the total weight of the 32 levels above it and the 5 levels below that host the Auditorium, through six megapillars.

At the service of

For a unique building in the world

The skyscraper is powered by electric energy from renewable sources and 1,600 sqm of photovoltaic panels. 80% of the building is lighted by LED lamps, while the façades to the east and west are covered by a “double skin” in steel and glass provided with adjustable louvers which create a thermal insulation. A centralized system led by sensors regulates their opening and closing, thus optimizing the temperature and brightness of the interiors.

The climate-control system uses geothermal energy by collecting and returning groundwater without harmful atmospheric emissions. Under normal operating conditions the skyscraper has no polluting emissions. Rain water, collected in special tanks, feeds both the irrigation system of the green areas and the flushing cisterns of toilets.

The interior lighting system controls the intensity of the sources, according to the quantity of natural light and the presence of people. The suspended, micro-perforated radiant heating panels used for air conditioning, allow to obtain optimal comfort.

Intesa Sanpaolo World

Working in the most environmentally-friendly skyscraper of Italy

The 27 operative floors house more than 2,000 employees, the President’s office and rooms for the administrative body, training rooms and the Innovation Center. The company canteen and the kindergarten overlook the underground garden located in the south side of the building. The skyscraper stands in the middle of a big strategic axis, on the edge of the historic centre, within the multifunctional area named Spina 2.


“LEED Platinum” certification

Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper, thanks to its characteristics of environmental sustainability, has been awarded the highest level of LEED Platinum certification - both for the New Construction category and for the Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance category - assigned by the Green Building Council, the most authoritative international body for the eco-assessment of buildings and their environmental sustainability.
The structure is currently the only high-rise building in Europe to have earned these awards for both construction and sustainable management.

Structural Awards 2015 for commercial or retail structures

Award for the best commercial or retail structure assigned by IStructE (Institution of Structural Engineers), London.

X Green Globe Banking Award 2015 Direct Impacts Category

Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper was awarded the prize for energy optimization, also because it shows the commitment of the bank towards every stakeholder, in spreading social and environmental values. The building, which is considered one of the most sustainable high-rise building in the world, combines different types of savings which make it possible to release new economic resources destined to make other buildings of the Group energetically efficient.

Building of the year awards 2016

Intesa Sanpaolo tower won the prize assigned by Archdaily - the most visited website on architecture in the world – for the Building of the Year, in the category “Offices”. On occasion of the 2016 edition of the contest, more than 55,000 readers voted among 3,000 projects and finally chose the winners of 14 different categories.

Certification of the Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Management System

The skyscraper is included in the Health and Safety, Environment and Energy Management System as the new headquarters of the Intesa Sanpaolo group, certified in accordance with international standards:

ISO 45001 (Health and Safety)
ISO 14001 (Environment)
ISO 50001 (Energy)