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Piano35: The new season

Tuesday 18 June 2019

From next September 3, with the reopening to the public of the restaurant and lounge bar, a new page of the skyscraper of Turin is going to be written.

Intesa Sanpaolo entrusts Chef Marco Sacco –  owner of the “Piccolo Lago” in Verbania, holder of two Michelin stars and already chef of Piano35 last year – with the direct management of the upper floors of the skyscraper according to an entrepreneurial project that will see him in all respects as the owner.

In addition to the restaurant and lounge bar, the agreement provides for the management of the evocative event space on the 36th floor, available for rent for meetings, cocktails and celebrations.

At the lounge bar Marco Sacco has called Barlady Cinzia Ferro, a prestigious name in the world of mixing, whose creativity is inspired by a personal interest in art.

In the section of the site dedicated to the gastronomic system, further details can be found.

Images Credits: Michele d’Ottavio