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Marco Sacco


Piano35 is a perfect fit for me. The first time I came and saw the view, I instinctively looked for the mountains that I see every day from Piccolo Lago, which are my reference point. Then I realized I was in a garden and that an invisible thread connects this place with where I live, like a root that extends underground connecting those who are grounded with the earth but who face upward. For me, Piano35 is a tree rooted in the same ground that I have walked on for over 50 years.


Piccolo Lago

Marco Sacco’s history is one of projects carried out following his family culinary tradition. For over two decades, Marco Sacco, along with his family and a small team of collaborators, has guided the transformation of the cuisine of Piccolo Lago toward the best of European gastronomy.
In 2004, this corner of the world, reflected in crystalline waters, acquired its first Michelin star. In 2007, thanks to his scrupulous efforts, research and continual evolution, its second star was awarded. Marco Sacco is a kind of gold digger, a tireless traveler, a man for whom food is the key to understanding and loving the world and life.


“Take up the past,
shape it in the present,
project it into the future”

The restaurant

In the heart of a greenhouse

Surrounded by a bioclimatic greenhouse, Piano 35, open for lunch and dinner, was designed by Renzo Piano to provide an escape from the city. Its modern context, combined with the flavors of Marco’s cuisine, provides tranquility, elegance and delight.
“Make way for the young! Desire and passion are the impetus of each day; the goal of us Ragazzi del 35 is to provide a unique experience to each of our guests. What we ask of you is the desire to discover and let us guide you, and most importantly, to have a good time.”

Lunch break

Bistrot - from wednesday to sunday h 12.30 - 2.30 pm

The French word "bistro" comes from the Russian "bystro" which means fast.
The lunch proposal follows the origin of the term, bringing dynamism to the dining room, a faster service studied on the reduced times that the lunch break requires.
We offer a collection of dishes, collected in different boxes, from which to choose the desired menu day after day, always different. Accompany it with a glass of wine to fully enjoy this moment in the middle of the day.

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Albese porcini


Spaghetto prawns burrata




Gourmet dinner

Get ready to leave...or stay

Gourmet - from wednesday to sunday h 7.30 pm- 01.00 pm (last arrival h 9.30 pm)

Three possible itineraries, three stories to be told, three directions to take: Piano 35’s gastronomic dinner is your choice. You can decide to discover the Chef’s roots with the Piccolo Lago a Torino menu, discover the bel paese with the Giro d’Italia, or stay in Turin with the In Piemonte menu. All you have to do is choose your destination and trust the kitchen brigade to guide you on a gastronomic trip filled with history, cross-cultural contamination and surprises. 1, 2, 3: we’re off!

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Bettelmatt Flan


Gnocchi anemone prawns


Jerusalem artichoke


Wine list

Updated to the 24th June 2022

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Gives Piano35

Cuisine is like a gift or a special thought: above all, it is a gesture of love, so why not give the gift of a gastronomic experience at Piano35? Contact us by phone or email, we will be happy to issue a Gift Card: it’s a pleasure to collect moments in life.

Telefono: (+39) 0114387800

Piano35 Restaurant
Bistrot (lunch): from Wednesday to Sunday h 12.30 - 14.30 pm
Gourmet (dinner): from Wednesday to Sunday 7.30pm - 01.00pm (last entrance 9.30pm)

Piano35 Lounge Bar
from Wednesday to Sunday 6.00pm - 01.00am (last entrance 00.00 am)

Reservations are open from our website and from the Facebook and Instagram pages.

For information and requests, don't hesitate to contact us at or by phone at 0114387800.

United and respectful of current regulations, all of us of the Piano35 team, will be happy to welcome you again.

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Telefono: (+39) 0114387800

Photo credit by Adriano Mauri