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Three new lessons by Alessandro Barbero

Thursday 5, 12 and 19 November 2020 - 6:00 pm
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The program of cultural activities carried out by Intesa Sanpaolo at Turin skyscraper is resumed with three conferences by historian Alessandro Barbero. The conferences will be held exclusively in streaming in compliance with the Covid-19 prevention regulations.
The project Three lessons by Alessandro barbero, curated by Giulia Cogoli Comunicazione, dedicates three appointments to Women in history: the courage to break the rules: religious Santa Caterina da Siena, prophetess Joan of Arc and poet Anna Akhmatova.


Thursday 5 November, 6:00 pm

Santa Caterina da Siena or the courage to choose your own life

In a society where families decided the fate of a girl, we see Caterina da Siena struggling as a teenager to do what she wanted: having a room of her own, refusing an arranged marriage, devoting herself to the religious life she had been dreaming of since she was a child. What was imposed on other young women was a choice for her, a choice to be pursued with iron willpower and which made her famous throughout the Christian world.


Thursday 12 November, 6:00 pm

Joan of Arc or the courage to do what women are forbidden to do

In the society of her time the idea that a woman could have prophetic abilities and become the intermediary of the voice of God was accepted. However, no prophetess had declared, like Joan, that it was God’s will to see her dressed as a man with shorts and on horseback with sword in hand, to fight the enemies of France. A mission that she was able to accomplish, even if in the end it was her refusal of women’s roles and clothes that would cost her life.


Thursday 19 November, 6:00 pm

Anna Achmatova or the courage to write verses in the midst of the horror of history

One of the highest voices of twentieth-century poetry, she experienced the horrors of her century. She witnessed the world war and the revolution, the shooting of her husband and the arrest of her son, the Stalinist terror and the Nazi invasion. She wrote verses not to escape all this, but to describe it, knowing that her destiny was to be the voice of her people and age.


Alessandro Barbero is known to the public not only for his essays and novels, but also for his extraordinary dissemination capacity, in particular in the Superquark program, in the broadcasts of RAI Storia a.C.d.C. and Time and History.

Among his most recent books: Storia del Piemonte (2008) for Einaudi; Dietro le quinte della storia. La vita quotidiana attraverso il tempo (with P. Angela, Rizzoli, 2013); Costantino il vincitore (Salerno, 2016); Il divano di Istanbul (2011), Federico il grande (2017) for Sellerio Editore; Gli occhi di Venezia (2011), Le ateniesi (2015) for Mondadori; Lepanto. La battaglia dei tre imperi (2010), Donne, madonne, mercanti e cavalieri. Sei storie medievali (2013), Caporetto (2017), Dante (2020) for Laterza.


It will be possible to follow the live streaming of the three events by connecting to this site.